Are you aN HLGU Student looking for a church?

Great! We’ve created this page to give you some helpful information on choosing a church body near Hannibal-LaGrange University. Many of us are actually Hannibal-LaGrange University alumni, so we know just where you are.


  • We are a little over 2 miles from campus. Don’t have a car? In the past we have made arrangements to pick students up and give them a ride whenever they would need it.

  • From HLGU, just hop on Hwy 61 and head south about 5 minutes, take a right just after Wendy’s and its up the hill. Check out full directions here.

Spiritual Considerations

  • Currently, we are a smaller body of believers committed to living life together. We get invested in each other’s lives. We get to know each other very well so that we can encourage, build up, teach, and hold each other accountable.

  • Our meetings are probably not like anything you’ve seen before: we don’t have a full band or pre-selected songs and our Sunday meetings take a good part of the day. We believe that at the heart of the New Testament church was a “one another” mentality which necessitates a more open meeting. Therefore the first part of our meeting is a time of requesting songs and sharing updates from life, matters of prayer, and thoughts from the Scripture to encourage the others. Then “part two” of our meeting consists of one of the elders (or another member) bringing a message, typically dedicated to one passage of Scripture. Then we all eat a meal together. (Don’t worry, we won’t make you bring anything, just enjoy some free food.) These weekly meals allow us to discuss life and spiritual things. Most of us hang out well into the afternoon, enjoying the fellowship we have in Christ.

  • We have a rotating Wednesday schedule which allows us to work in prayer meetings, meetings to teach the children, a bible study, and sometimes meals in each other’s homes. We’d love to see you there with us laboring in prayer, or working through the Word. Most of us make it every Wednesday, but we understand if you get busy at school.

  • Lastly, we’d be remiss not to say that for most of us the Lord has used our little group to dramatically grow us in Christian maturity, in the word and in our walk. Many of us consider our time with other believers to be the most long-lasting benefit from our Hannibal-LaGrange University days, and we hope other students will find that kind of benefit among us as well.

So if you have any more questions, or want to chat, you can contact us, read our doctrinal statement, check out a sermon on YouTube, get a fuller description of what our meetings are like, or just come check us out Sundays at 10am.