Meeting times:

Sundays: 10:00 AM

Fellowship meal after the meeting on Sundays. 
(Visitors need not bring anything.)

Wednesdays: 6:30 PM

Check our calendar, as our Wednesday activities change from week to week.

What are our MeetingS like?

You are certainly welcome to surprise us by showing up, but you may want to contact us before visiting because special meetings, baptisms, or some other special circumstance might change the meeting plans of the church on any given Sunday.But don't think you can't come if you haven't called!

A typical Sunday meeting proceeds as follows:

10:00am - 12:00 noon

music, prayer, open session, main teaching

We desire our meetings to be open to the contribution of all Christians in attendance. We try our best to truly teach and admonish one another through songs, hymns, and spiritual songs, together with direct sharing from the Word. All are allowed (but certainly not required) to share from the Scriptures or their present walk with the Lord. Often these times turn into spontaneous Bible studies or prayer sessions. At the end of this time of intermingled prayer, music, and sharing, someone (usually a pastor) will bring a sustained Bible teaching for about one hour.

12:00pm - 2:00pm

fellowship meal, Lord's Supper, etc.

It seems to us that the NT indicates that the Lord’s Supper was always celebrated as part of a larger meal, and was done regularly in remembrance of the New Covenant Christ established for us with His blood. We also believe it is important that Christians share their lives together around a common table, fellowshipping and learning about Christ and one another. How can the duties of love toward each other be fulfilled apart from real knowledge of one another?

Meeting dismissed

2:00pm - ??

continued fellowship, discussion, etc.

Many will make their way out at this time, but we won't close our doors. Generally, but not as a hard and fast rule, we ask that if folks stick around they make the time as directly spiritual as possible. If that is done it is really worthwhile to stay. We don't want to stifle your fellowship, but to encourage it.



  • Non-denominational

Main Bible

  • English Standard Version, though we are certainly not dogmatic about it.

Hymns and Songs

  • We use the Redemption Hymnal and also a song book that is periodically added to and updated by the church. We have written some songs ourselves, and often set an old song to a new tune.

Local Outreach 

  • After several years of door-to-door witnessing and evangelistic outreaches, our church had a season when most of our members had many children, which stymied our ability to do that sort of outreach. We are now happily re-engaging the community in our neighborhoods, and beginning new avenues of outreach.